“Steve Cuddy is an amazing PT; the best I have ever encountered. His approach is wholistic, systemic  and extremely personalized.He strives to teach his patients postural exercises that will allow them to continue addressing and healing their injuries and imbalances for life. He also uses soft tissue massage to free specific areas of the body and restore mobility to those areas. Steve is a compassionate and caring professional with a profound understanding of the skeletal, muscular and neurological systems. I would recommend Steve to anyone who is seeking the best and most long-lasting care available. Thank you Steve for your passion, expertise and professionalism. You are the best!”

-Stefania T., Ph.D.

“Steve is an exceptionally skilled physical therapist. He is the first person to put together all of the pieces to not only explain the source of my pain and pattern of injuries, but also to provide lasting relief. His understanding of the human body extends far beyond knowledge of just joints and muscles. He has been a great detective assessing the subtle patterns and differences of interrelated systems of the body that have turned out to be major contributors to how my body moves and works. I never would have imagined that my physical therapist would have detected a visual problem contributing to my postural problems and pain.  In addition to providing first-class treatment, Steve has sought out an expert team of professionals in the area to collaborate with to truly address his patients’ needs. He approaches the therapy process as a partnership and does a great job of working with you and other professionals to help you get better. I am so thankful to have found such a dedicated, highly skilled physical therapist whose enthusiasm for what he does is always apparent. Working with Steve has made a very profound impact on my overall well-being.”

-Delaney M.

Steve Cuddy played a key role in my recovery from a serious car accident. I started physical therapy for two severely broken ankles after spending two and a half months at home in a wheelchair. Under Steve’s direction and care, I graduated from a wheelchair to crutches to a cane to unassisted walking within 6 months – and that was (according to my surgeon) fairly rare considering the extent of injury. With every visit Steve challenged me to stretch myself physically and mentally. He offered treatment options that helped me to feel more in control of the situation. While the physical therapy treatments I received in the past from other providers were for very minor injuries, it’s clear to me that, in comparison, Steve Cuddy stands out as a top-notch professional and genuinely concerned about the success of his patients.

-Tina M.